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Project Inspection & Quality Audit Report

In this report, after the Site Inspection visit, the Quality of the workmanship is checked by Quality standards, report will include:

▪ Project Technical Assessment.
▪ Project Quality Evaluation.
▪ Power Plant Component Integrity Analysis.
▪ Energy Generation Performance Analysis.

Based on Project Inspection & Quality Audit Analysis, Various Quality improvement suggestions also will be indicated in the Report.
# Project Assessment Report with Quality Checkups and Performance Analysis with Quality Suggestions.

Detailed Technical Report

Our experienced team will prepare a Detailed Project Report with the ‘As-built design Documentation’ in this report. On-site Measurements were done, and technical parameters are checked, which will include:

▪ Detailed Technical Report
▪ I-V Values.
▪ Earth Resistance Values
▪ Electrical Single Line Diagram of Solar Power Plant.
▪ Solar Array Layout.
▪ Stringing and Cable Layout.
▪ Equipment Layout.

This report will be beneficial for the client and the installer for O&M of Plant and for keeping the technical data record of the Solar Power Plant.
# Detailed Technical Report with As-Built Technical Design Documentation.

Operation and Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance

This is the core maintenance service which comprises regular visual and physical inspection, as well as verification of all the activities in the plant. The schedule main maintenance is carried out in regular intervals decided by the client and Team Solar Doctor and is in the annual maintenance plan which includes

▪ PV Module Cleaning.
▪ Vegetation Clearing.
▪ Monthly Routine Inspection.
▪ Components Integrity Inspection.
▪ Thermography Inspection. (inspections for plants > 100 kWp)
▪ Energy Generation Performance Data Evaluation.

Corrective Maintenance

It corresponds to any activities performed to restore a Solar PV Plant, equipment, or component of an earlier functioning state. This occurs after fault detection by remote monitoring or during an on-site inspection. These Activities include:

▪ Fault Diagnosis: to identify the cause of the fault and locate it.
▪ Temporary repair: to restore the required function of a faulty item for a limited time, until a permanent repair is carried out.
▪ Permanent repair: to resolve the fault permanently.

Solar PV Power Plant Insurance Service

Includes Insurance risk covers, such as:

  1. Solar panels uprooting due to high-speed winds.
  2. Theft / Burglary
  3. Fire (any reason)
  4. Damage to the Solar system due to external physical objects such as animals, falling trees, etc.
  5. Storm, Tempest, Inundation, Flood, Earthquake, etc
    Include Remote Solar Maintenance Consultancy


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