Who We Are?

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About us

We are solar experts, we are a team of Young Solar professionals working in the solar sector for over 5 years, we found a loophole in the Solar Power system and strive to solve it with our efforts and Knowledge.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make optimum utilization of Solar Radiation to the last rays of the sun for the generation of Energy. and to take care of precious Solar PV Power plants to the last mile. We are SOLAR DOCTOR, we will keep your Solar PV System fit !!

What’s the Problem?

Lots of People install Solar Power systems on their rooftops, but due to the competitive market, no one takes care of the Quality of work, in the meantime, it turns out to be very bad technical performance and condition of the solar system.
In this industry, Proper maintenance is a big concern, in most cases, quality of work and performance monitoring is lacking. Even proper technical documentation, which is required for the maintenance of a Solar power plant is not found with customers.

The Solution

Although customers can not adhere to Strict Quality and Safety concerns due to lack of knowledge, someone in the industry should keep a check on it, and we are that Team, “Team Solar Doctor”

Being a solar Electrical Service company, we deal in much technical expertise varies from complete maintenance of Solar Power Plant to preparing Technical documentation of Solar Power Plant.

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